"Sending the world a message from my heart with my mind."

Complete Production
Complete production from the beginning to the end. You say what you want, I will do my best to make it happen.
I'm striving to make wonderful shots, which always impress the audience and make them feel good.
Film Director
The area, that's the most important to me lately. The key bond between the team, actors and the final audience.
Color Grading
Colors make life more colorful and even in the films they're one of the most important factors. I'll find the most beautiful colors.
Video Editing
To make individuals shots great, they need outstanding editing and the right rythm between them.


I'm Jovan Batas, a film director and editor from Ljubljana. Through these years I've developed my skills working on music videos and making my own films. What matters the most to me, is the story and the emotions people get while watching.
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